The Town of Leo-Cedarville hereby requires that an Improvement Location Permit be obtained for the following:

a. all residential dwellings,
b. other detached accessory buildings; sheds, pole barns, gazebos, fences,
(as per Leo-Cedarville ordinance.)
c. detached and attached garages and carports,
d. temporary structures,
e. signs,
f. swimming pools,
g. alterations, modification, remodeling, or additions (residential and commercial),
h. tents (commercial only),
i. demolition,
j. all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings,
k. structures other than buildings (including satellite dish, towers, antennas),
1. surface and sub-surface drainage work (including land alteration),
m. street cuts,
n. curb cuts,
o. storm sewer hookups,
p. removal of trees and plants within buffer yards or right-of-ways otherwise
required by this ordinance,
q. placement or moving of manufactured or mobile homes,
r. parking lot construction, alteration, or removal,
s. ponds or lakes,
t. mineral extraction,
u. telecommunication facilities, and
v. Any exterior construction that adds to or alters the height, building materials,
existing structure.

Procedure for completing an Improvement Location Permit Application

1. Complete the requested information in as much detail as possible.

The Improvement Location Permit Application may be downloaded here.
The Certificate of Compliance may be downloaded here.

2. Supply a drawing of the improvement you plan to make. The drawing must include complete dimensions of the project, including square footage, distance from all property lines, building lines, utility easements, right of way, building height, and legal drains. The Zoning Administrator reserves the right to request a site survey

3. When you have completed the application form, deliver it to the Town Office at 13909 Pony Express Run, Leo, IN. An appointment with the Zoning Administrator must be made ahead of time by calling 627-6321.

4. The Zoning Administrator will examine the application within 10 working days. If the proposed projects is in compliance with the Leo-Cedarville Zoning Ordinances, an Improvement Location Permit will be processed. If there is a problem, the Zoning Administrator will contact you.

5. An non-refundable fee will be charged at the time of applying for the ILP. The cost of the permit will depend upon the type and extent of improvements. An applicant must pay the fee no matter if the permit is approved or denied.

6. This permit is only for the compliance to the Leo-Cedarville Zoning Ordinance and/or Subdivision Control Ordinance. In addition to this permit you MUST:

a. Obtain a building permit from the Allen County Building Department , please contact 449-7131. A building permit MUST be obtained BEFORE construction begins.

b. Obtain a permit if your project includes adding, modifying, or improving the driveway or entrance into your property off of the adjacent road. This permit can be obtained from the Allen County Highway Department, please contact 449-7369.

c. Obtain a permit if your project includes adding, modifying, or improving a septic system or well on the subject property. Please contact them at, 449-7532. If the property requires hook up to a sewer system contact the Leo Cedarville Sewer District (627-2084).

7. If the project includes building living space or adding to an existing living space, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued but only after completing a Certificate of Compliance (Fee for a Certificate of Compliance found here.)

8. The Leo-Cedarville Flood Plain Ordinance will govern all building, filling, earthwork of any kind, placement of utilities, or any other improvement. The Zoning Administrator reserves the right to ask any applicant to have a surveyor certify the elevation of the land if there is question of being in the flood fringe ( or 100 year floodplain.)

9. The ILP is to show where sidewalks, yard lights and driveway will be installed.

10. Upon completion of the project, complete section I only of the Certificate of Compliance and return it to the Town Office with a check made payable to the Town Of Leo-Cedarville (Fee for a Certificate of Compliance can be found here). The certificate of compliance will be completed by the Plan Commission Administrator within ten (10) days of submission, who will then send it to the Allen County Building Department. You may also receive a copy to take to the Allen County Building Department and they will issue you a Certificate.

11. As of May 31, 2001, it is required to have written approval (approved sewer tap permit) from the Leo-Cedarville Sewer District before issuing any new building permits. You will need to see them before starting the permit process with this department. Leo-Cedarville Sewer District phone # 627-2084.

All associated fees for Improvement Location Permits can be found here.