The Leo-Cedarville Parks are open to the public during the posted hours of operation, and available for the free use and enjoyment of the public at large subject to the posted rules of the Leo-Cedarville Park Board and all federal, state and local laws.

However, persons or organizations wishing to host an event in the park for which the person or organization wishes to advertise and invite participation to the public at large, or which is expected to involve participation of more than twenty people, must first sign this Park Use Agreement.  The Town reserves the right to stop the operation of any event on Park Property and exclude any person(s) from the Park for failure to sign and comply with this agreement.  Persons or organizations wishing to host Events that are expected to involve/ or which actually do involve the participation of more than 50 people may only be hosted in a Town Park pursuant to a duly signed Park License Agreement.

Park Use Agreement