Proclamation by the Town of Leo-Cedarville calling for the state of Indiana to fully withdraw from the common core state standard initiative and associated testing.



WHEREAS, Indiana Executive Branch officials originally committed this state to adopting common standards with a consortium of states through the Race to the Top grant created by the federal Executive Branch; and

WHEREAS, this participation required the State of Indiana to adopt common standards in K-12 English language arts and mathematics (now known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative) and to commit to implementing the aligned assessments developed by a consortium of states with federal money.

WHEREAS, adoption of Federal Incentivized Common Core standards and curriculum abdicates Indiana’s responsibility over the educational standards for Indiana’s children in English language arts and mathematics because 100 percent of the Common Core standards must be delivered through Indiana’s curriculum, yet the standards belong to unaccountable private interest in Washington, D.C. which have copyright authority and does not allow any standards to be deleted or changed, but only allow Indiana to add 15 percent to those standards; and

WHEREAS, the Race to the Top grant conditions require the collection and sharing of massive amounts of student-level data through the PARCC agreement without knowledge or consent of the students or parents;

WHEREAS, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 prohibits the establishment of national curriculum, national testing, mandatory national teacher certifications and a national student database;

WHEREAS, both the Common Core standards and the PARCC tests will create new tax burdens to pay for enormous unfunded mandates on our state and our local school districts; and

WHEREAS, this push to nationalize standards will inevitably lead to more centralization of education removing education of Indiana’s children from the government closest to them to unelected and unaccountable officials outside of Indiana; and deprive the Leo Cedarville community influence over the education of its children, and infringe upon the privacy rights of those children.

THEREFORE, the Town of Leo-Cedarville resolves that the legislature of the State of Indiana should:

Fully withdraw Indiana from the Common Core State Standards Initiative;
Withdraw Indiana from the PARCC consortium and its planned assessments for Indiana’s students, and any other testing aligned with the Common Core standards;
Prohibit the collection, tracking, and sharing of personally identifiable student and teacher data except with schools or educational agencies within the state.
Prohibit all state officials from entering into any agreements that cede any measure of control over Indiana education to entities outside the state,
And ensure that all content standards as well as curriculum decisions supporting those standards are adopted through a transparent statewide and/or local process fully accountable to the citizens in every school district of Indiana; and
Require educational institutions receiving any form of public monies in the state of Indiana to use entrance exam criteria that is based on Indiana State standards.
Press for Indiana to retain its fair share of the 4.35 billion dollars of federal money set aside only for those states that implement Common Core Standards for state education without losing the states authority to design its own educational standards, curriculum and testing.

Be it further resolved that the Town Leo-Cedarville Town Council, County of Allen, State of Indiana, declare that a copy of this Proclamation be sent to the Governor of the State of Indiana, the President of the Indiana Senate, the Speaker of the Indiana House and the sitting State representative(s) and State senator(s) who represent the people of Allen County as well as to each of the East Allen County School board members.


Signed and passed by the Town Council of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana on this   25th   day of   March  , 2014.
John Clendenen, President   John Clendenen  
Tim Richards, Vice President   Tim Richards    
Kevin Veatch, Councilmen   Kevin Veatch      
Ted Garton, Councilmen                                 
Paul Steffens, Councilmen   Paul Steffens       
ATTEST:   John Eastes, Clerk Treasurer   John Eastes