RULE NO.   2012-01  


WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Leo-Cedarville Department of Stormwater Management (“Board”) has the authority to establish rules for the Department of Stormwater Management (“Department”) pursuant to I.C. 8-1.5-5-6 and I.C. 8-1.5-3-4(11); and

WHEREAS, pursuant to I.C. 8-1.5-3-4(8), the Board has the authority to enter into contracts and make purchases for goods and services necessary for the Department; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to I.C. 5-11-10-1.6(c)(5) the Town’s Fiscal Officer may generally only expend Department funds upon approval of the Board; and

WHEREAS, it can disrupt the day to day business of the Town, or result in additional liability to the Town if certain payments are not paid in a timely manner; and

WHEREAS, payments sometimes become untimely before a scheduled meeting of the Board can be had to approve such payments; and

WHEREAS, Indiana Code Section 36-5-4-12 authorized the Board to pre-approve in writing the payment of certain claims, and authorize the Town Fiscal Officer to make claim payments in advance of Board approval for certain types of expenses.

WHEREAS, the Board desires to set forth specific types of expenses which may be paid prior to Board approval.

NOW THEREFORE it is hereby established as a policy of the Leo-Cedarville Department of Stormwater Management as follows:

(A)       In accordance with I.C. 36-5-4-12, notwithstanding any provision of this Ordinance, expenditures may not take place without an appropriation of funds for that purpose.

(B)       Upon complying with the provisions of I.C. 5-11-10-1.6(c)(1)-(4), the Leo-Cedarville Clerk/Treasurer may make claim payments in advance of Board approval for the following claims:

            (1) Property or services purchased or leased from;
(a) The United States government; or
(b) An agency or a political subdivision of the United States government.
(2) License fees or permit fees;
(3) Insurance premiums;
(4) Utility payments or utility connection charges;
(5) Federal grant programs if:
(a) Advance funding is not prohibited; and
(b) The contracting party provides sufficient security for the amount advanced.
(6) Grants of state funds authorized by statute;
(7) Maintenance agreements or service agreements;
(8) Lease agreements or rental agreements;
(9) Principal and interest payments on bonds and promissory notes;
(10) Payroll;
(11) State, federal or county taxes;
(12) Expenses that must be paid because of emergency circumstances; and/or
(13) Credit card payments, payments on installment agreements, or accounts arising in the ordinary course of the Town’s Business which must be paid in order to avoid a late fee or penalty;

(C)       The Clerk-Treasurer may make meal expense advances to a Town employee who is authorized to travel on official Town business and who will be out of town for more than twenty-four (24) hours. The maximum amount of such advance shall be $50.00 per day of travel. The advance may only be made if the employee first signs a written agreement stating that he/she shall submit receipts along with an expense report for all meals to the Clerk-Treasurer within three business days of his/her return from the trip. All receipts must show itemization of purchases, and that the cost of alcohol shall not be reimbursed. The agreement signed by the employee must further state that the employee allows the Town to withhold from his/her wages the amount of any advances that he/she fails to substantiate with the required receipts and expense report specified herein. (Reference, I.C. 5-1-10-1.6).

(D)       Each payment under this section must be supported by a fully itemized claim. A majority of the Board shall review and allow or disallow the claim at the next regular Board meeting.

ADOPTED By the Leo-Cedarville Stormwater Board this   12th   day of   July  , 2012.

  Gary Queckboerner  
Gary Queckboerner

  John P. Abel              
John Abel

David Gall
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