Ordinance #   2008-07  

An Ordinance Regulating Traffic within the Town of Leo-Cedarville

No Parking Zone for Manning Street in Cedarville

Whereas, the Town of Leo-Cedarville desires to place and maintain official traffic control devices regulating, warning, and guiding traffic upon streets and roadways within the Town; and

Whereas, the Town of Leo-Cedarville desires to designate certain areas as “No parking” zones; Now, therefore, be it ordained by the Town Council of the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana, that;

Section 1.   Definitions.   The definitions of all terms contained herein shall be constructed in accordance with the definitions contained in I.C. 9-13-2 as it may be from time to time amended.

Section 2.   Obedience to All official Traffic Control Devices.   All traffic shall be observe and obey all official traffic control devices placed in accordance with this ordinance unless directed by a police officer or fireman.

Section 3.   Manual and Specification for Traffic Control Devices.   All traffic control signs, signals, devices shall conform to the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways prepared by the State Highway Commission. All signs and signals required by this ordinance for a particular purpose, shall so far as practicable, be uniform to type and location throughout the Town. All traffic control devices so erected and not inconsistent with the provisions of State law or this article shall be official traffic control devices.

Section 4.   Authority to Install.   The Town Council shall have placed and maintained official traffic control devices when and as required under the traffic ordinances of the Town to make effective the provisions of such ordinances, and may place and maintain such additional traffic control devices as the Town Council may deem necessary to regulate, warn or guide traffic under the traffic ordinances of the Town or State vehicle code.

Section 5.   No Parking Zone.   The Following area within the Town of Leo-Cedarville shall be a “no parking” zone as of the effective date of this ordinance:

Manning Street, Cedarville
There will be a no parking zone on the North side of Manning Street in Cedarville,
BEGINNING approximately 91 feet west from the center line of State Road One (mailbox and driveway approach of resident. This area is approximately 48 feet in length and shall be designated by appropriate signage.

Section 6.   Penalty.   Whoever violates any provisions of this ordinance upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than $100.00 plus any additional fines and fees as imposed by the governing court.
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Signed this day   16  , 2008.

  John Clendenen        
John Clendenen, President

  Paul Steffens            
Paul Steffens, Vice President

  John Eastes               
John Eastes, Councilmen

  Gordon Liechty, Jr.  
Gordon Liechty, Jr.

  Michael K. Young     
Michael Young, Councilmen

Attestation of Clerk-Treasurer

I, Pamela Spannuth, the Clerk Treasurer fro the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana, hereby attest that the ordinance set forth above was introduced by the legislative body of the Town of Leo-Cedarville on   2 Sept  ,2008, and adopted on   16 Sept  , 2008.
The ordinance was signed by the Executive for the Town of Leo-Cedarville, and properly executed in my presence on   16 Sept  , 2008.

    Pam Spannuth    
Pamela Spannuth