Leo-Cedarville Town Ordinance #   2007-03  

An Ordinance to Vacate Public Right-Of-Way

Whereas, Michael Moore, resident of Black Street, Leo-Cedarville Indiana, has filed a petition with the Leo-Cedarville Town Council requesting that the town vacate the public right of way located and described legally as follows:

Alley ways between Lot’s 53, 54, 57, 58, and 60 in Cedarville as recorded in the Plat Book 0, Page 10 in the Office of the Recorder of Allen County, Indiana; and

Whereas, the Petitioners have provided notice, and the Town has held a public hearing on the petition all in accordance with I.C. 36-7-3-12; and

Whereas, following said public hearing the Town Council has found that;

1. The Vacation of this public way will not hinder the growth or orderly development of the Town or the neighborhood, within which the property is located;
2. The Vacation of the Public Right-of-Way will not make access to any other lands difficult or inconvenient,
3. The Vacation of this Public Right Of Way will not hinder the use of any other public right of way, and
4. The Town had no further need of the land in question for use as a public right of way.


1. Upon the adoption of this ordinance, the above described public right-of-way is hereby vacated,
2. The property interests shall revert to the property owners adjacent to, as determined by law,
3. This ordinance shall be recorded with the Allen County recorder’s Office upon the adoption and approval of the Town Council.

Introduced this   20   day of   March  , 2007.

Passed and adopted by the Leo-Cedarville Town Council on this   10   day of   April  , 2007.


  John Clendenen     , John Clendenen, Council President

  Jan Linn                 , Jan Linn, Vice President

  Paul Steffens          , Paul Steffens, Council Member

  Michael K. Young   , Michael Young, Council Member

_________________, Cindy Kimm, Council Member


Attestation of Clerk–Treasurer
I, Pamela Spannuth, the Clerk Treasurer for the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana, hereby attest that the ordinance set forth above was adopted by the legislative body of the Town of Leo-Cedarville on
  3/20/07  , and signed by the Executive for the Town of Leo-Cedarville, and properly executed in my presence on   4/10/07  .
  Pam Spannuth  , Pamela Spannuth
Document prepared by, Peggy Garton, Town Administrator