WHEREAS, IC 5-14-3-8 authorizes the Town of Leo-Cedarville to establish a fee schedule for the certification, copying, or facsimile machine transmission of documents; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council has; and

WHEREAS, the Indiana State Board of Accounts has instructed that all monies donated to the Town for a specific purpose should be receipted into a separate fund properly titled, and not co-mingled with other funds;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana:

A.       Pursuant to IC 5-14-3-8, the following fee schedule is hereby established for copies of public records made by the Town and each of its departments, offices and boards:

For copies produced in any format, including but not limited to standard sized photo-copies, oversized copies, computer tapes, disks, CDs, or microfilm, the fee shall be equal to the direct cost of supplying the information in that form.

For purposes of this ordinance the term “direct cost” shall mean the cost of paper, computer diskette, CD or other medium and the per-page cost for use of copying equipment.

This fee schedule shall not apply in any instance where another fee is specified by statute or ordered by a court. In such event the fee shall be equal to the fee that is specified by statute or court order.

B.       The Town Administrator and Clerk-Treasurer are hereby authorized at their discretion to allow persons to inspect public documents in the Town Office and to allow such persons to use the Town copy machine to make copies of public documents during normal office hours when the Town Administrator or Clerk-Treasurer are present at the office. In all instances, no copies of documents may be removed from the Town office until the copy fee is paid.

C.       The funds received for copies pursuant to this ordinance shall be given to the Clerk-Treasurer and deposited into the Town’s General Fund.

D.       This ordinance shall become effective upon its passage and upon its execution by the Town Executive (i.e. Town Council President) as attested by the Clerk-Treasurer.

Passed and adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana on this 5th day of September, 2006.


Janice Linn
Janice Linn
Council President

Cindy J. Kimm
Cindy Kimm
Council Member

Michael K. Young
Michael Young
Council Member

John Clendenen
John Clendenen
Vice President

Paul Steffens
Paul Steffens
Council Member

I, Pamela Spannuth, the Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana, hereby attest that the ordinance set forth above was introduced by the legislative body of the Town of Leo-Cedarville on June 6, 2006and adopted on September 5, 2006. The ordinance was signed by the Executive for the Town of Leo- Cedarville, and properly executed in my presence on September 5. 2006.

Pam Spannuth
Pamela Spannuth
Leo-Cedarville Clerk-Treasurer





PHOTOCOPIES – NO CHARGE for first five (5) photocopies.
$.10 per copy after the first five (5) copies.
CDR DISKS – $1.00 per disk