ORDINANCE NO.   2005-02  


Editor’s Note:   Effectively repealed and replaced by Ordinance 2012-5, adopted 2/28/2012.


WHEREAS, the Leo-Cedarville Town Council is authorized to establish various boards and committees pursuant to I.C. 36-1-3-5 and as otherwise provided by law as necessary to assist the Town Council in the conduct of the affairs of the Town; and

WHEREAS, the Town has created several boards and commissions; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council has appointed individuals to work on these boards and commissions in the manner provided by law and by local ordinance; and

WHEREAS, these individuals serve the Town of Leo-Cedarville on a volunteer basis, and dedicate a significant commitment of time to the Town; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council has determined that it is necessary to pay a stipend to these individuals in order to offset the expense and inconvenience incumbent upon service on a Town Board or Commission and in order to encourage qualified individuals to serve on such Boards or Commissions;

NOW THEREFORE, the Leo-Cedarville Town Council hereby adopts the following ordinance regarding the payment of a stipend to individuals who are appointed to serve on Boards or Commissions for the Town:

SECTION 1:     Scope of Ordinance

This Ordinance shall cover all individuals who are appointed by the Leo-Cedarville Town Council pursuant to a procedure specified by state statute or by local ordinance to serve for a specified term on a Board or Commission that is established by Town ordinance.

This Ordinance shall not cover individuals who volunteer to serve on any temporary, or special issue committee established by resolution and whose members are not fixed by appointment by the Town Council.

SECTION 2:     Stipend

All individuals covered by this ordinance shall be entitled to a stipend in the amount of twenty five and no/100 dollars ($25.00) for each official meeting of the board or commission. In order to qualify as an “official meeting”, public notice must be provided by the Leo-Cedarville Clerk-Treasurer or the Town Administrator pursuant to the provisions of IC 5-3-1; and the meeting must be attended by no less than a quorum of the Board or Committee as established by statute or by ordinance.

Stipends shall be paid at least annually, or at any shorter increment determined to be convenient by the Leo-Cedarville Clerk Treasurer. The Clerk-Treasurer shall rely on the minutes of each Board or Commission as certified by the secretary of each Board or Commission for purposes of determining the number of official meetings and the attendance at each such meeting. The minutes of each such Board or Commission shall be conclusive to the issue of whether a member was in attendance at any such meeting.

SECTION 3:     Enactment:

This ordinance shall repeal any prior ordinance inconsistent with its terms.

This ordinance shall be deemed effective upon its passage and execution by the Town Executive (i.e. Town Council President) as attested by the Clerk-Treasurer, shall be deemed effective thereafter.

Passed and adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Leo-Cedarville, Indiana on this   4   day of   October  , 2005.


  Cindy J. Kimm      
Cindy Kimm
Council member

  Matthew A. Akins  
Matthew Akins
Council Member

  Paul Steffens        
Paul Steffens
Council Member

  Jan Linn              
Jan Linn
Council President

  John Clendenen  
John Clendenen
Council Member