The members of the Leo-Cedarville Town Council are part-time elected officials who serve for four year terms and can run for re-election as often as they wish. As individuals, the town council members do not have significant statutory powers. As a legislative body, the council exercises many of the powers given towns through the passage of ordinances and appropriation of monies.

View 2008 – 2018 Town Council Meeting Minutes

Town Council Meeting Dates

The Town Council meets at the Leo-Cedarville Town Hall on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm.

The Leo-Cedarville Town Hall is located at 13909 Pony Express Run, Leo, Indiana.

2019 Town Council Members

Council President: TBD
Council Members: Greg Peck, Ray Pulver, Jr., John Eastes, Scott Connally, Chris Adams

Clerk-Treasurer: Pamela Spannuth

Town Annual Financial Reports

The Town annual financial reports are available for public review on the Indiana Gateway.