Town of Leo-Cedarville Zoning Ordinances:

Zoning Code

Subdivision Control Ordinance

Leo-Cedarville Zoning Map

Zoning Applications and Fees:

Improvement Location Permit Application Package

Board of Zoning Appeals Application Package

Fee Schedule

The Town of Leo-Cedarville requires that an Improvement Location Permit be obtained for the following:

a. all residential dwellings,
b. other detached accessory buildings; sheds, pole barns, gazebos, fences,
(as per Leo-Cedarville ordinance.)
c. detached and attached garages and carports,
d. temporary structures,
e. signs,
f. swimming pools,
g. alterations, modification, remodeling, or additions (residential and commercial),
h. tents (commercial only),
i. demolition,
j. all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings,
k. structures other than buildings (including satellite dish, towers, antennas),
1. surface and sub-surface drainage work (including land alteration),
m. street cuts,
n. curb cuts,
o. storm sewer hookups,
p. removal of trees and plants within buffer yards or right-of-ways otherwise
required by this ordinance,
q. placement or moving of manufactured or mobile homes,
r. parking lot construction, alteration, or removal,
s. ponds or lakes,
t. mineral extraction,
u. telecommunication facilities, and
v. Any exterior construction that adds to or alters the height, building materials,
existing structure.

Zoning Administrator:

Rodd Hale
Phone:  (260) 627-6321